Why Are Corflute Signs Used?

Signage is not the new thing in the field of the marketing and advertisement but these have been in use and are one of the primary source of the advertisement world. There has been a study which tells that more than 75 percent of the clients were attracted towards a business because of their productive and attractive signs, this shows that even in the world where everything is online and is available in the form of the software, there is still importance and impact of the tangible advertisement.

Although with the advent of the technology the signs have also been improvised and these are not just some paint and the woods but there are many types of the signage and the banners which use all kind of modern technologies in their manufacturing. These types include the pull up banners, roll up, teardrop flags and one of the alternative to these is the corflute signs.

What are corflute signs?

It is possible that you have seen corflute signs in your life but you never came across the name of it but this is the official terminology which is used in the domain of the signs and banners. The corflute signs are made from the type of the plastic called the corrugated plastic which is famous for its strength, durability and ribbed surface. These are made in varying thickness and are highly popular for three dimensional signage because the corflute signs in Australia could also be bend easily without getting damaged. The corrugated plastic is also known as the corflute due to which these are called the corflute signs.  Another reason why this plastic is famous is because it is recycled and could be used again for some other purposes.

What are the uses of the corflute signs?


One of the most obvious use for the corflute signs is for the printing of various kinds of ads by different companies. These could be put outdoor easily because these are designed to withstand the intensity of the weather.

 Safety signs:

The corflute signs are very good for the safety signs since these require durable materials as these are used in the emergency situations. This is the reason why these are also used in the manufacturing of many traffic signs as these can bear the extreme street pressure.

Used for exhibitions:

In various exhibitions and seminars, many companies and start-ups need to put their signage to attract the clients and let them know about their presence. The corflute signs are very much useful in these cases since these are flexible and could be bend and folded easily to transport from one place to another.