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The Tips To Pick The Perfect Table!

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What is the image that comes to your mind when you imagine a dining room? You are exactly right – a dining table with chairs around it. That is the focus of any dining room, and no matter what your décor for the room is, the main table will still remain (and rightly should) be the focus. Accordingly, it is important that, when buying a dining room table, you take care and consider what best fits the ambience, theme and needs of your home. Below are the main criteria you ought to consider:

  • The shape of the table – the first thing you should decide on is the shape of the table. Unlike what you would believe, most of the dining room furniture Sydney should fit the dimensions of the room – as opposed to your preferences – so you need to factor in the size of your room to make your decision. Dining room tables are often in four basic shapes – rectangular, square, oval and round. The rectangular tables, as you would guess, are best suited for large rooms and in families which have more members. Square tables are the go-to option if you have a small space and a small family, as are oval tables. Round tables are often best avoided in narrow areas, because you cannot limit them to one side of the room (in turn taking up a lot of the room’s space).
  • Check the table’s size – despite the shape largely driving the dimensions of the table, you can still find different sizes for each shape, which is why you should also make sure to measure the size of the table (especially if it comes in one piece!). if you have a family that is particularly tall or short, you might also want to consider the height of the table (or you will have to look into special chairs).
  • Consider leaves – leaves, when it comes to dining table-related lingo, refer to retractable extensions of the table which you can pull out to increase the size of the table (and thereby accommodate a larger gathering). If you do not want to waste space and are looking for cheap furniture options, it is a good idea to consider buying a table with leaves.
  • Materials – finally, when it comes to tables, you will also want to look into the material they are made with. Generally, it is a good idea to keep in line with the style and theme of the house – and accordingly go with either wood or marble (the more popular options). You can also go with more exquisite styles that have glass surfaces – but these are somewhat ill-recommended if you have small children.