5 Things You Should Keep In Your Car

For most of us, our cards are our home away from home. It’s a considerable space with quite a lot of privacy so it’s an awesome opportunity to carry with is the things that we can’t fit inside a bag. Here are some things that you should stock up your car with.


It never hurts to have an extra outfit in your car. You might get wet in the rain or you might have an accident and need a change of clothes or you might decide to stay over at a friends place. Having an extra outfit won’t take much space in the car but it can be a lifesaver. If you are someone who wears heels or uncomfortable shoes have a pair of flipflops for when you need it.


Whether it be for that mid-day craving or because you’re bored and stuck in traffic a snack is always a good thing to have in your car. Having a few protein bars will not take much space and it will make sure you will always have a healthy snack with you. Staying hydrated is super important so having a bottle of water in you. Stocking up your car with some healthy snacks will also make sure you won’t drop by to the nearest shop to grab that bag of chips.

Electronic accessories

Having an anker Australia¬†especially for your car is an absolute nessacity. You can charge your phone from your car so it’s best to stay prepared. Apart from that keep your other accessories in your car as well because it’s easier than carrying them around and accidents are less prone to happen (spilling water).

Emergency stuff

Emergencies happen all the time and your car and are the perfect storage for your arsenal. Having an extra ravpower charger or some band-aid in your car won’t hurt anyone but if the need arises you know where to find them. Going in the theme on emergencies have a few dollars stashed up in your car as you will never know when it will be useful. A blanket and towel will also come in handy.Apart from these things have some car airbrusher and some songs ready because we all love the ambience.If you have a car you might as well get full use of the space it provides. Keep your car stocked and prepared and you will be thankful.